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The story behind the brand


Being a professional dancer I understand what girl needs to feel confident on and off the dance floor. Style makes a big impact. The way you dress defines who you are while jewelry adds a final touch and a boost of confidence. It allows you to perform your very best and you feel like you can conquer the World! I believe, wearing Glow Jewelry gives this magical sensation every time you clip your earrings on.


Our story started back in 2018 as a small family affair. At that time I was desperately searching for quality jewelry for my dance performances, when my mom suggested she would personally design a pair of earrings for me. I loved that idea since she had a great sense of taste and I have always trusted her when it came to my look on the dance floor.

She had so many beautiful styles on her mind and as we sketched them together we genuinely fell in love with the process of designing earrings. It was then, when I had a first glimpse of an idea to start our own brand. It was also then, when my dad suggested: 

“If we do this, we have to manufacture the best quality earrings on the dance market. We have to make them up to the highest standards, just like fine jewelry.”​


This concept got me really excited! And there our story began.

Today I am so proud to create jewelry that goes far beyond the dance floor and makes our clients feel special. 


Why us?

At Glow we believe that style is a reflection of your personality. And our goal is to help you highlight it through beautiful jewelry. 

We create unique pieces that make you feel and look absolutely special. Whether it is a dance competition, wedding or any other occasion, we have earrings just for you:

  • Handcrafted with care

  • Lightweight

  • Covered with 24K gold or silver

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